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I believe what the world needs most is more opportunity to be entertained and get engrossed in the power of storytelling. So, I help ambitious performers overcome crippling low self-esteem, create lasting confidence and get noticed, through fun and creative 1:1 coaching, so that they can participate in this beautiful fabric of life.

What are my clients saying?


“I've noticed a massive shift, not only in my mental wellbeing, but in my career as an artist. The goals I set out to achieve in Jeannie's sessions are being reached one by one (even in a pandemic). And I'm still reaping the benefits.”

— Chloe, Actor & Writer

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“Jeannie really has changed my life in such a small space of time...It was completely transformative and I have ALREADY experienced big changes in my life because I am actually believing I deserve it.”

— Bex, Actor

“My mindset is a much more positive place now I have worked with Jeannie, practical things like creating a routine has made such a difference to my days...My experience with Jeannie was one of positive change, for my mindset, for my wellbeing in general and for my life.”

through the work we did I was able to find a much healthier balance between who I am as a person and what I am as a business

“Knowing that Jeannie is also an actress was reassuring as she recognised why I could be thinking and feeling a particular way. She guided me to work out where certain blocks might be and how to solve them as well as suggesting useful tools which I have started to implement into my daily routine.”

— Laura, Actor

— Jackson, Actor-Musician

— Faye, Actor

Image by Kevin Schmid

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