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Hello there!

I am Jeannie, an actor and mindset coach helping performers step into their power, overcome low self-esteem and progress in their career with success.


I have been an actor for over 5 years. Like so many performers, I struggled with my self-worth for a long time and lacked any sort of confidence or resilience. This was compounded by an industry built on rejection. I always knew the only way I could survive and thrive in the industry was to discover my own power.

A transformative and eye-opening journey of self-discovery led me to the Law of Attraction and mindset work. This work has enabled me to understand my worth, without needing outside validation, in an industry where it is so easy to feel worthless.

My mission as a coach is to help people in the same position as me to transform their mindset, engage their power and find success and longevity in their career.

See what my clients have to say.


“I've noticed a massive shift, not only in my mental wellbeing, but in my career as an artist. The goals I set out to achieve in Jeannie's sessions are being reached one by one (even in a pandemic). And I'm still reaping the benefits.”

— Chloe, Actor

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“through the work we did I was able to find a much healthier balance between who I am as a person and what I am as a business

— Jackson, Actor-musician

“My mindset is a much more positive place now I have worked with Jeannie, practical things like creating a routine has made such a difference to my days...My experience with Jeannie was one of positive change, for my mindset, for my wellbeing in general and for my life.”

— Laura, Actor

“I have experienced real imposter syndrome with being a performer, almost feeling embarrassed to say that's what I am as I didn't believe I deserved to be. It was clear there was something stopping me from having the belief in myself to succeed, but I had no idea what it was, why it was there and how to overcome it and there is where jeannie really has changed my life in such a small space of time...I have ALREADY experienced big changes in my life because I am actually believing I deserve it. ”

“Knowing that Jeannie is also an actress was reassuring as she recognised why I could be thinking and feeling a particular way. She guided me to work out where certain blocks might be and how to solve them as well as suggesting useful tools which I have started to implement into my daily routine.”

— Faye, Actor

— Bex, Actor

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Do you wish you had a quick and easy way of stepping into your most confident and empowered self walking into an audition?

I have created a 2-min audio, perfect for listening to whilst you're in the audition waiting room.


It's fast. It's powerful. It's a game-changer.


Raise your vibration, upgrade your self confidence, align with your soul and show up with intention each day.


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