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I'm On a Mission to Empower Introvert Voices in a World Built For Extroverts. 

I’m a Breathwork Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, Speaker and Fierce Dreamer.

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I’m also liberal swearer (if that offends you, this might not be the place for you), very proud INFJ, creator of imaginary worlds, detail-obsessed storyteller, eternally in pursuit of knowledge, convention defying activist, third-culture kid (I grew up in Africa), regularly photographed asleep at parties, an avid feeler or feelings and here to reflect the human experience (I’m a Reflector in Human Design).


I’m not just what I do, or what I’ve achieved. And neither are you! 

I want to empower you to embrace all aspects of yourself, in a world that is relentless in trying to convince you otherwise – especially if you’re an introvert.

Image by Abbie Bernet

How's Your Social Battery?


If you’re anything like me, you love people, but they wear you out. It’s a running joke with my friends that you're regularly found curled up asleep on the closest thing to a sofa, a few hours into a party.


The mundane day-to-day interactions with the world, can be truly exhausting for us introverts. So that’s why I’ve created a free guide to help you hold onto your energy in a world build for extroverts.


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This is the Comfy Cosy Corner of the Internet Where We Set Things in Motion For the Quiet Revolution!

This is where I share the highs and lows I’m getting in real time; spill the tea on all my ‘need-to-knows’ when it comes to thriving as an introvert in an extroverted world; what you need to cultivate a success mindset and unshakeable self-confidence; the low-down on my latest obsessions (that I know will be yours too) and divulge the (not-so-secret) secrets of the introvert power!

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