Mindset Coaching for Performers with Purpose

1:1 coaching empowering you to create the unstoppable confidence to go out and live the life of your dreams and stop falling victim to a competitive industry!

You’re an ambitious and dynamic performer, but you’re feeling lost and uncertain in an industry that demands so much from you and rewards so little.

You know that you’re meant for more. But buried under the disappointment, exhausting side hustles and diminishing bank account are crippling feelings of unfulfillment and not being enough.

But let me tell you, the struggling artist stereotype isn’t as glamourous when you’ve passed your mid-twenties. And you deserve more!

And you can have more. You can create the unstoppable confidence to start building a successful future you can be proud of.

A bit like this...


I feel like I have been given the tool to take on my career in a new empowered way, without constantly barraging myself with negative and damaging hustle culture vibes. I was looking to regain my confidence and that is exactly what has happened, maybe not exactly how I imagined but in a much better way, gently and powerfully.

— Brigette, Actor

I've noticed a massive shift, not only in my mental wellbeing, but in my career as an artist. The goals I set out to achieve in Jeannie's sessions are being reached one by one (even in a pandemic). And I'm still reaping the benefits.


Her passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through, and I can't wait to continue our sessions into the future.


Thank you Jeannie for helping me rediscover my love for acting. Something i can't and should never have to live without!

— Chloe, Actor


If you want to:

  • harness unstoppable confidence so that you never walk out of an opportunity feeling like you didn't show up in your highest potential,​

  • build unwavering trust in your future as a performer so that you can face the challenges of a competitive industry with strength and dynamism,

  •  start creating momentum in your life and career to move out of feeling stuck and start getting noticed,

  • begin taking sustainable and inspired action to show up and show off in an industry where recognition is everything,

  • develop a liveable method to handle disappointment in an industry built on rejection,

  •  make an impact and feel truly fulfilled by what you do;


Then what are you waiting for?!


Book in a free Breakthrough Call with me to discuss how we can get you there!

Oh, sorry how rude. I haven’t introduced myself!

I’m Jeannie, an actor and empowerment coach for performers. I know how awful it feels to pour your whole self into your career and not get anything back. I know the frustration of having big dreams, huge potential, and not seeing it come to anything. It’s exhausting, demoralising and sometimes down-right humiliating.


Living in this way made me unhappy and resentful for most of my 20s. It was crunch time and something had to change!


That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help performers sky-rocket their confidence to a place where they can truly achieve the levels of happiness and success that they crave and deserve!!

Jeannie D-Full Frame-5-2.jpg
If you have hit crunch time, and you know things need to change. Then book yourself onto a free call with me, as the first audacious step towards a future you can can celebrate.
So, how can I help?
1:1 bespoke coaching to get you from crippling low self-confidence; exhausted and unhappy, to an empowered and fearless performer, creating momentum and opportunity in your life everyday through unstoppable connection to yourself and your purpose.
  1. First you will get really clear on your goals and visions for the future, so that you can start building momentum and stop living as a victim to the demands of the industry.

  1. Next, you’ll create belief systems that are in alignment with your desires for the future. So that you can stop self-sabotaging and start really living your best life.

  1. Then you'll start embodying these new beliefs so that you can begin taking fearless and inspired action towards your desires.

  1. And finally, you’ll develop a blueprint to handle rejection and learn how to stop falling victim to the exhaustive hustle culture. Which will make the reality of a successful, fulfilled and sustainable life as a performer entirely possible for you.

1-1 Zoom calls

1hr 1-1 coaching calls with me every week for 8 weeks.

lifetime access

Lifetime access to materials to continue growth and learning.


Unlimited support between sessions through private messaging, throughout the 10 weeks.

What are you waiting for?

I know you love your job, and you’re dedicated to making your career a success. But the hard times are outweighing the good at the moment. Buried under side hustles you just complain about; money woes; the grey cloud of rejection; swiftly depleting levels of confidence is the question: ‘can I really do this?’

I solve this in my 1-1 coaching by helping performers, just like you, release feelings of inadequacy, build resilience and start courageously forging their own path to a future they can fall back in love with. So, they can create success and longevity on their terms, without sacrificing themselves, and building lasting confidence along the way.

So, book yourself onto a breakthrough call, so you can stop living at a fraction of your potential and step into the empowered performer you always dreamed you’d be.

I know the value of appreciating and celebrating your whole self, not just the parts of you that get you the job. Healing is really the best levelling up you can do.


Chloe, Actor

I've noticed a massive shift, not only in my mental wellbeing, but in my career as an artist. The goals I set out to achieve in Jeannie's sessions are being reached one by one (even in a pandemic). And I'm still reaping the benefits.

Laura, Actor

Jeannie is kind, compassionate and understanding to anything I brought up in the sessions, and I felt so comfortable working through my blocks, even when it brought up difficult emotional moments within me.
My mindset is in a much more positive place now I have worked with Jeannie, practical things like creating a morning routine has made such a difference to my days. And as well as the 1 to 1 coaching Jeannie sent me other material to read, based on what came up in my sessions, which I found incredibly useful. My experience with Jeannie was one of positive change, for my mindset, for my well-being in general and for my life.
bex 123.jpg

Bex, Actor

Jeannie really has changed my life...It was completely transformative and I have ALREADY experienced big changes in my life.
Jackson Pentland (c-14-5).jpg

Jackson, Actor-Muso

I was able to find a much healthier balance between who I am as a person and what I am as a business.


Stephie, Coach

[S]he helped me realise my worth and helped me to reflect on my money mindset in relation to my worth, values and sustainability of my company.

Got some questions that I haven't answered yet? 
Have a look at these FAQs

What can I get from this programme that I can’t get from workshops and seminars with industry professionals?

This is not a casting couch. I can’t give you advice from the other side of the table. The work I do with my clients is about helping you building unwavering confidence so that you can find those opportunities for yourself. And empowering you to build a happy and successful like on your terms. I will help you reclaim your identity as a human first and a performer second.

However, as a performer myself, I have inside knowledge into the industry and understand very well what is required of performers.


How much is the investment?

1 instalment of £897.00

2 instalments of £448.50 before the coaching contract is up.

4 instalments of £224.25 before the coaching contract is up.


How do I know if it will work for me?

You get back what you put into the programme. I am here to guide you towards your goals, but I can’t achieve them for you.


What’s the time commitment?

1 hour session with me every week (decided in advance) for 8 weeks. Plus, some other work to continue learning and growth in between sessions. The amount of time you spend on this is dependent on your own commitment levels.


What am I paying for?

You’re paying for 1:1 bespoke coaching to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Though the programme is structured for maximum results, there is freedom within this to tailor the coaching to your specific needs and wants.


What makes you an expert?

I am a certified life coach with The Clique Academy and an actor myself. I have coached a variety of performers from various backgrounds, all of whom have seen incredible results in their personal lives and careers as a result of working together. 

If you've been nodding along vigorously and exclaiming "that's me" for the past 5 minutes then do yourself a favour and book in a breakthrough call with me