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Introverts, Let's Build Confidence Your Way!

(without burning out)

This mentorship is for the woman who is done apologising for her very existence, and is ready to take up space brilliantly and authentically.

I know, you know, there is something wildly exciting for you beyond terrified of confrontation, living by the 'should' and doing everything for everyone and nothing for yourself. 

When you claim the space that you inhabit, and start trusting yourself enough to ruthlessly chase down what you want with reckless abandon (without pissing anyone off in the process), incredible things will happen for you!

Meet my wonderfully talented client, Roberta

Roberta was lost; a volcano of ideas, brimming with potential. But so lost and lacking in confidence she couldn’t get any of her goals past the starting line. She completely transformed, realising her dreams of becoming the Marvellous Mrs Maisel herself – and did something that only the most courageous among us will do. She became a stand-up comic Check her out if you're in Rome!

What if you didn't have to choose between being unapologetically you, and being accepted?

If you want to,

  • speak up unashamedly about the things you care about,

  • only surround yourself with people and experiences that boost your energy, rather than drain it,

  • feel so at peace with yourself that you’re driving at bumps in the road with a ‘fuck yes’ attitude, rather than shying away from failure,

  • be so tapped into your own strengths and desires that you don’t have time to look around and compare yourself to others,

  • walk into rooms trusting (without a doubt) in the strength and value you bring to it,

and embrace your introverted nature. Rather than seeing it as a hindrance,

then that are you waiting for?! We need to chat.

Oh, sorry how rude,
I Haven't Introduced Myself!

I’m  Jeannie,

introverted and highly sensitive actor, empowerment coach, breathwork facilitator and your personal growth bestie. I help exhausted and hiding introverted women, who know they're meant for so much more, build the confidence to unapologetically show up, as themselves, take up space and create a life that serves them.

Like you, I used to be petrified. I was lost. And I was trying as hard as I could, to be anything other than I was. 

4 years ago I was terrified my partner would leave me, victimised by the acting industry and desperate for change. But not knowing how to go about it.

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Are you ready to stop being crushed under the weight of everyone else's priorities that you're putting above your own?

Create the unshakeable confidence to stand up and say to the world: "I'm fuckin' here!" And be noticed and valued for you you are.

So...What's The Plan?

I’m an actor, I play for a living. So, you can bet this journey is going to be fun! I’m taking all the many tools I’ve collected through my acting career and somatic healing journey, and we’re going in!


This is dynamic, playful and strategic 1-1 coaching to bridge the gap between where you are now and where and who you want to be. Impact isn’t reserved for the loudest bad bitches out there. You can be wildly successful, fulfilled and energized at the same time.


First, you’ll get really clear on your vision for the future, so that you can propel yourself forward and take-action from a place of passion and fulfilment. Rather than subscribing to arbitrary rules about what you ‘should’ be doing.

Then, you’ll sift through and let go of all the BS you’ve been telling yourself for years, and self-sabotage, that has been holding you back for way too long. So that you can start taking steps to making that powerful positive impact.


Next, you’ll tap into the endless wisdom of your body and learn to manage your energy in a way that won’t leave you shattered and burnt out. So that you can chase fulfilment with reckless abandon.


Finally, from a place of radical self-trust and acceptance, you’ll make a courageous and outrageous plan for your impact, from an intuitive and inspired place. Rather than hustle.

The isn’t a hands-off process full of journal prompts you forget about as soon as we’re done! This is dynamic, playful and embodied (I am also a breathwork facilitator) and you get out of it what you put in. 

“I can’t be your mentor, without also being your tormentor”
– Ted Lasso

*not all the time, obviously.

But if you’re committed to realizing that dream you’ve been shelving, without burning out and losing yourself in the noise, then what are you waiting for?

Who's This For?

This mentorship is for the woman who is done apologising for her very existence, and is ready to take up space brilliantly and authentically.

I’m not just here to shout encouraging words from the side lines (though obviously I’ll be your biggest cheerleader). As a reflector in Human Design my purpose is to reflect back to you, with honesty, where you’re currently being your own saboteur and gate-keeper. I’ll even hand you the tools, weapons and armour to break through those gates.


your voice is FAR too important to be stifled because you don't want to ruffle feathers; or muffled hidden behind a mask of 'shoulds'.
Edit 1.jpg

Something is off.


You know it. But we can’t put our finger on it. So you try and fill your life with achievements, business, relationships and holidays etc.

You know something has to change.

Here's What My Clients Have Said?


"I've noticed a massive shift, not only in my mental wellbeing, but in my career as an artist. The goals I set out to achieve in Jeannie's sessions are being reached one by one (even in a pandemic). And I'm still reaping the benefits."


Empowering Performers and Creatives-6.png

Still Got Questions?


How much does it cost? What’s the investment?

12-week package = £1,500

6 months = £2,400

If you've been nodding along vigorously and exclaiming "that's me" for the past 5 minutes then do yourself a favour and book in a breakthrough call with me
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