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Let me introduce myself,


Hey – I’m Jeannie, an actor and mindset coach for performers with purpose.


Like lots of performers I felt unseen and unvalued for a long time. I felt like a hamster on a wheel pushing myself to the limit but not seeing the results I so desperately craved. The stress and strain I was feeling, FAR outweighed the joy and fulfilment I got from my work. I was falling out of love with my one-true love, performance, and it was impacting all areas of my life. 

That’s why I help ambitious performers, like you, start making empowered steps towards their goals and build lasting confidence along the way. So that you can find success on your terms, without sacrificing your wellbeing; reclaim your identity and fall back in love with your career.

I know that the struggle is REAL for performers; juggling financial commitments to a pay-the-bills-job, auditioning, networking, creative pursuits and performing. Add to that the frustration of knowing you're meant for more, but feeling unnoticed and regularly facing rejection. It’s demotivating, it’s painful and you deserve more.

Working with me, my clients have transformed their lives, creating a healthy work-life balance and gaining the tools to support them in not falling victim to toxic hustle culture. They've fallen back in love with their themselves and their career and manifested opportunities, money and work!


When we work together, you’ll never have to feel too overwhelmed and undervalued to make clear and focused steps towards your goals because you’ll start prioritising your happiness and an empowered and sustainable career plan.

Book yourself onto a free Breakthrough Call with me so we can get you from where you are now to where you really want to be.
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