I am Jeannie Scott (or Dickinson), depending on whether you find me in my capacity as a coach or an actor (or general odd-ball to family and friends). I'm a Nottingham born actor and certified  life coach.

As an actor, I graduated East 15 Acting School in 2014 and went on to perform in various stage shows touring around the country. I have been lucky enough to work with national touring companies such as Eastern Angles and Oddsocks. As well perform locally, in London's Off West End.  

As a coach, I help ambitious performers struggling with low confidence and self-worth overcome their mindset blocks, build confidence and progress in their career with success. 

I am an ambitious and passionate performer. But for years struggled in the industry due to crippling self-doubt and lack of confidence. This was further compounded by an industry, built on rejection, that could never give me the love and validation I wanted - love and validation I could only find from myself.

Finally, in September 2019, after a rough few months not working, I realised ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I want something MORE! I deserve MORE. I discovered 'The Secret' and Hal Elrod's 'Miracle Morning' (both vital books for performers to read, in my opinion), and so my journey towards personal growth began. 


Along my transformative journey I discovered mindset coaching, LOVED IT as much as acting, and became a certified coach in The Clique Method. I am so fortunate to have found two careers that compliment each other so well, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Jeannie the actress and Jeannie the coach!

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