Backstage Healing

Healing really is the best levelling up you can do.

a healing and supportive space for stressed out and overwhelmed performers to  focus on themselves. 

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what is it?

If everything is feeling really hard at the moment; its 1 step forward 2 steps back and the exhaustion of ‘trying’ all the time is getting you down; you’re starting to feel like nothing will ever be good enough and you’re only ever proud of yourself and brimming with self love when you’re performing then you’re in the right place.

Backstage healing is a monthly healing circle run by actor and mindset coach, Jeannie Scott. 

This is for the performer who is:

  • stressed and overwhelmed, 

  • regularly putting off ‘me time’ because you’re too busy,

  • unmotivated and unproductive,

  • feeling undervalued in your life and career,

  • looking at others’ boundless energy to keep on going, and wondering how they’re doing it,

  • emotionally drained, and your resilience is waning,

  • worried about being a burden to friends and family, so keeping everything bottled up,

In a 90-minute session each month, focusing on a different theme, we will:

  • go through guided meditation and/or breathwork practice,

  • energy healing,

  • have a chance for some hot-seat coaching,

  • journaling prompt(s),

  • Q&A