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  • Jeannie Scott

Build Your Introvert Zone of Genius

Create your zone of genius, and beat the extroverted grind. People talk about the zone of genius as something intangible, that refers to your skills, knowledge and experiential prowess. But what if you could create a tangible zone of genius for yourself, that facilitated your most productive, creative and in-flow self – your genius.

You could use these tools in work. But also, in your everyday interactions with the world; as a way to prevent overstimulation, and the dreaded introvert-hangover, in a world not set up for introverts.

So, what do I mean by a zone of genius? Well, let’s say it’s that zone of being that means you’re your most connected, creative and grounded. It’s the state of being that means everything feels easier; everything is brighter, more exciting – you’re in a state flow, which means you’re connected to your truest most aligned self.

So, how do we, as introverts get into this state? Well, it’s definitely a mindset. But my clients know that even as a mindset expert, my work is all about embodiment. Your mind and body aren’t separate. So, trying to change your own mind, is far easier when you incorporate the body in the process.

That’s why creating a tangible zone for your genius, to facilitate that flow state, is going to be so helpful. It’s no secret we live in a world that can feel challenging for introverts. So, any tools that can alleviate some of the overwhelm and stress are golden!

Here are some of the tools you can start using and become the master builder of your zone of genius:

Apply a minimalistic approach (when it comes to your space)

Now, I’m not about to tell you, you need to have the 50 shades of beige, nothing-on-the counter-tops, pristine-just-been-professionally-cleaned, lifestyle of your average Pinterest girlie. But a clutterful (not a word, fully aware) space, means a cluttered mind.

When it comes to creating a space that supports creativity and productivity, you want to minimise the chance of distraction. And if you’re highly sensitive, this clutter means more of a chance of overstimulation and stress.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it isn’t always easy if you are co-habiting, or sharing a workspace. I live with an ENFP, I empathise with the eternal battle with clutter. But take 2-3 minutes before you sit down to work or rest, to just set your space. Even if it’s just folding the blankets on your sofa, and taking away a few pillows before you sit down for a Netflix binge. Or clearing any letters, calendars, old notebooks, your phone and anything else that might distract you, before you start work.

This isn’t about depriving yourself, and living a bland colourless life. This is about minimising the amount of information that you’re having to process at any one time, to prevent overstimulation – and in the long-term, burnout.

Tip: make sure to still keep something cosy close by e.g. a beautiful plant or a gorgeous smelling candle.

Use sound to bring out the genius (and make it ‘on-the-go’ proof)

It’s a big wide loud demanding world out there. Even just a train ride to work, or working in a coffee shop can leave an introvert feeling distracted and overwhelmed.

A playlist of your favourite music or sounds can help to build a boundary between you and the world. Sound can have such a visceral effect on our body. Jarring sound can activate the sympathetic nervous system response and send you into a state of fight or flight. But the right music can also have a profoundly calming effect on the nervous system too.

Music is used to literally facilitate alerted states of consciousness. I use it in the breathwork I do with my clients. And just listening to the right kind of sounds can help you access the parts of your brain most associated with creativity.

And the best thing about this tool, is you can literally use it anywhere. As long as you can access music or sounds on demand. You can store it in your back-pocket and take it out when you need it most.

Close all the open tabs on your computer.

I mean it. Go on.

We live in a society that glorifies more as better. Therefore, more tabs must mean you’re getting more stuff done. Right? If you’re a high achiever, the likelihood is you might even feel validated by how much you can get done at once. But…

It’s a lie. You can’t multi-task. You’re just spreading yourself thinly and vaguely across several tasks. Like butter scraped over too much bread; you can’t even taste the butter.

It’s not just being around other people that is demanding your energy. Remember every single one of those tabs on your computer is pulling you in a different direction; and demanding a little of your energy. It’s why you’re getting to the end of a work-day exhausted, even though you might not have actually got that much work done.

Don't disturb your devices.

The mental health benefits of time away from your technology can’t be overstated. Even your technological devices (which you breathe life into by using) know what sometimes it’s too much and you need a break; and have built-in time-out time. So, make use of your device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’.

If you find yourself getting easily sucked into scrolling through other people’s lives on social media; or falling down an internet rabbit hole, try separating your devices. I’m definitely guilty of scrolling through my phone, whilst watching a movie, and spending time with my partner. And it’s exhausting. Limit the use of one piece of technology at a time.

Be frugal with your time.

Guard your time, like Smaug the dragon guards his treasure in The Hobbit. If you work from home, or work for yourself, the line between work and play can become blurred. Which means that it’s far easier to drift over into time that completely goes against your genius e.g. working late into the night, when you’re an early bird. Or trying desperately to join the 5am club, because that’s what you’ve been told will work, when you know your creative juices are juiciest at 9pm.

Or maybe, you’re trying to be a genius all the time; making every second count. And in doing so you’re pushing the boundaries of your zone of genius to the point where it’s bursts like an overblown balloon.

You deserve to live in your zone of genius. And just because the world isn’t set up as easily for introverts, it doesn’t mean you have to hermit away in the middle of nowhere to get to the genius within. They’re there, and they just need the environment to support them. And you can absolutely do that, easily, every single day.

Grab my free guide: Introvert Power Save Mode: 4 Ways to Hold Onto Your Energy in a World Built for Extroverts

Keep kicking ass and taking names from the comfort of your sofa!


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