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  • Jeannie Scott

Crystal Clear: The Essential Stones for Empathic Energy Protection

These are the crystals you absolutely need if you’re an empath or highly sensitive.

But, wait, what’s an empath?

There are supposedly at least 8 different types of empath; physical, emotional, intuitive, dream, plant, earth and animal.

But mostly, when people talk about being an empath, what they mean is that they’re highly attuned to the feelings, emotions and energies of others and the environment around them.

It was only really 3 years ago that I discovered that being an empath was even a thing. Even though I'd been feeling others' emotions and taking the energetic temperature of the room, since I was a kid. And as a result, had always felt responsible for how those around me were feeling; because I could feel it too.

I started collecting tools to help me not become overwhelmed by this incredible gift I’d always known I had – even though I didn’t know what it was called.

As I said, this gift, is exactly that – a gift. It opens you up for more scope for connection.

But it can also be very draining, if you haven’t learned how to manage these energies that you’re tapping into, and possibly taking on.

If you’re an empath and you feel like you’re surrounded by negative energy; or just energy that you know is in contradiction to how you want to be feeling, it can be super challenging You could feel responsible for the feelings of those around you, and so create habits of people-pleasing and peace-keeping – like I did as a child.

Learning how to protect your energy as an empath is a skill. It takes practice. But a really great place to start, if you haven't got any practices that you use already, is using crystals; protective stones imbued the properties that help you deflect negative energies, hold onto your own energy and attract positive energies to you.

Which crystals can help you?

Black Tourmaline

The bodyguard stone. It repels negative energies. This could be helpful for you if you’re surrounded by heavy energy and emotion that you don’t want to take on yourself. Maybe you’re surrounded by colleagues who are constantly complain about your workplace or your boss, and you’re taking that energy home with you. Tourmaline works like a sponge sucking up all negative energies.

Smoky quartz

Is a grounding stone. The beauty of smoky quartz it that it will help you move on from difficult or painful experiences. The reason empaths need this is because it will encourage you to let go of the past so that you can move on from past hurt. This could be your personal past hurt. Or it could be painful hurt and emotion held by someone close to you, that you’re tapping into.

Smoky quartz can also help you can let go of self-limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs like that fact that you’re responsible for the feelings of those around you.

It also strengthens the root chakra; the energy centre responsible for your feeling safe, secure and grounded.


Citrine is the light-maker (and my favourite). It’s often associated with boosting success, abundance and happiness. But I like to think of it as the sun shining through the murky grey storm-clouds. All the others have helped to clear and repel the dark. Citrine brings in more of the light.

Clear quartz

The reflector. Kinda like me (I’m a Reflector in Human Design). This is another one to bring in the good stuff. But the exquisiteness of clear quartz really is in its powers of amplification. It magnifies the properties of all the other crystals. So, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Rose quartz

Stone of luuuuuurve. Rose quartz brings more love into your life for yourself and others. Protecting yourself doesn’t just have to be about putting up walls against others. It can also mean being a vessel for bringing more love to the world around you.

Rose quartz connects you more deeply to your heart chakra. A way to amplify its effects is to wear a necklace with a rose quartz crystal that sits on your chest, over your heart-space (not the actual place where your heart is anatomically). It will help you deepen relationships, kindness and compassion.


Bring some peace and quiet to your busy and sometimes very loud world with Amethyst. This crystal is deeply connected to the third-eye chakra; your energetic centre for spirituality and intuition.

Why is this important for empaths? Because amethyst is also a stress-reliever. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by your sensitivity and it’s all becoming too much, amethyst can dilute those stressful feelings. Because, you’re highly sensitive, that last thing you need is to feel stressed too!

Last, but absolutely not least, Black Obsidian

The guardian stone and protector. This is an absolute powerhouse of a stone! Black Obsidian does SO much; healing your body mind and soul. Like Tourmaline it cleanses negative energy. But it also heightens your capacity to heal from past trauma and difficulty. It pulls darkness to the surface and helps you dispel it.

There are so many more wonderful crystals that can be so helpful for empaths highly sensitive peeps (and, just, everyone, really). But these are a good few to get started with, if you’re an empath overwhelmed by your massive power.

If you're an empath or highly sensitive, come over to Instagram, where I share more ways that you can protect your energy in a world designed to drain you.

Wait, who even am I?

I'm Jeannie, an introverted, highly sensitive and empathic actor, empowerment coach and breathwork facilitator. I help high achieving, but exhausted and burned out, introverted women hold onto their energy, and build unshakeable confidence. So that they can show up as themselves, honouring their introverted nature, get noticed, and lead from the front, in a world that demands extroversion.

Are you an ambitious af introverted woman looking to make waves in your industry? Are you read to take off the extroverted mask? Get in touch! You can book in a free no-strings-attached call with me to discuss what you're struggling with, and what needs to happen to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Click here.

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