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  • Jeannie Scott

Get noticed without being the loudest person in the room!

As an actor, I’ve been in my fair share of loud rooms, packed with vivacious people all desperate to get noticed. Because if you weren’t noticed, you weren’t getting the job. I have stood in so many large cold overwhelming halls, surrounded by personalities that felt far bigger than mine, fighting my natural introverted urge to retreat and stay quiet.

I’d watch others in the room, speaking up, jumping around on the balls of their feet to answer questions or be called upon. And can I be honest - I was triggered. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with being loud, or the type of person that wants to get noticed. I mean, it’s part of the job, right?

No, the reason I was triggered, is because part of me believed I should have been doing it too. Part of me hated my quiet nature, that felt FAR more comfortable in a one-to-one setting than it did in big groups.

So how have I got to a point, 3 years later, where I am walking into rooms and strangers are commenting on my quiet confident energy?

How am I standing in bathrooms at ComicCon (yes, I do go to ComicCon, and yes, before you ask, I do cosplay) being told by someone I’ve only just met that I have an incredibly magnetic energy?!

How have I got to a place where I’m building a business and brand online (an objectively loud and overwhelming space) where I feel truly confident showing up unapologetically as myself and not ‘faking’ extroversion?

Well, here’s what you came here for. The way in which you too can be noticed, without being the loudest person in the room, by enhancing your own natural introverted and HSP gifts:

Really listening.

Now, this might sound counter intuitive; to be listening rather than speaking as a way to get noticed. But if you’re an introvert, then the likelihood is you’re more naturally gifted at listening anyway.

And really listening, doesn’t mean staying quiet in a conversation because you’re preoccupied with your own inner world. You might have the outward shows of listening; eye-contact, body language, the occasional question. But you’re still not actually hearing what the other person is saying.

Really listening, comes from a place of openness. It doesn’t have an agenda. It’s not about going into a conversation and thinking: “this is what I need to get out of this.” Because that’s all you’ll hear.

That makes it all about you.

There is nothing people love more than to feel seen or heard.

When you are open and listening, you create that space for the person to feel seen and heard. Really listening also creates a deeper more meaningful relationship between you and the person you are speaking to. It cuts straight to an intimacy that isn’t there when two people are just talking at each other.

Really listening is a rare skill and one that people appreciate deeply. Even though, at times, it might feel like the louder the better. In more cases than not, the person you’ve listened to will go away remembering the feeling they had speaking to you. They may not be able to identify why it was they felt that way. But they will know that they felt seen and heard by you. And that is the kind of powerful impact you can make.

The quiet art of being noticed is about opening yourself up and creating the space in your inner world, for those around you. Opening yourself up so that others can feel truly seen. That’s how people comment on your magnetic energy in a bathroom at Comic Con.

Find out more about how you can get noticed without being the loudest person in the room. A lead a quiet revolution!

Oh, and, keeping kicking ass and taking names from the comfort of your sofa!


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